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A Hero of labour
Engineer - Nguyen Luong Am (Mr)

Founded in 1975 on the basis of a Contruction Unit of Zone No V with its task to build irrigation works  for serving Agricultural production and the livelihood of the people in Central coastal and highlands provinces of Viet Nam. From the begining of foundation Company 47 (CC47) has many difficulties such as lack of modern equipments and

well- trained  cadres & worker, poor material facilities. However, Overcoming those difficulties,CC47 has made the strategy of carriyng out reasonable management mechanism,  paying attention on management of works’s quality, bravely investing on new Equipments, expanding production, taking dynamic in seeking jobs for workers, paying fairly salary …ect. Thanks to those policies, CC47 has continueously developed. In 2000 CC47 has been awarded  a title of A Labour heroic  Unit in Renovation Period.


General Information
Vietnamese name: Công ty cổ phần Xây dựng 47
Transaction Name: Construction joint stock company 47
Abbreviation: CC47
The company's logo:
Address: 08 Bien Cuong, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
Phone: (+84.256) 3522166
Fax: (+84.256) 3522316
Bank account: The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Binh Dinh Branch.
Account Number: 580.10.0000 20.2
Tax ID: 4100258747
Stock code: C47

Company Headquarters


Strategic Vision

Main targets

The Company continued to invest in equipment procurement, transportation lines to streamline, increase production capacity, increase competitiveness to strengthen and improve the position of the Company.

Continue to promote the careers of the company's strengths, such as the construction of irrigation, hydropower, transportation, infrastructure; restaurant, hotel, travel and tourism. Maintained its position as a contractor competitiveness in the field of construction of irrigation projects, hydropower.

Expanding the business in some new areas such as materials production, infrastructure construction, civil construction, particularly in the construction of the condominium project; anti-flooding projects in HCMC.


Qualification of company

- The CC47 has the good executive board & managerial staffs, qualified engineers, professional officials, well-trained and experienced cadres & workers.

- There are various modern and advanced vehicles and construction equipments such as: Excavators, bulldozers, vibrators & rollers, stone drills & gadders, various kind of cranes, batching plants, crushing & screening plants original from the Group of Eight (G8).

- Construction qualification:  Excavating and filling works of 4 million m3/year, concreting works of 1,500,000 m3/year, rock construction works of 50,000 m3/year, producing stone all of kinds 1,300,000 m3/year.

- Laboratory testing for phycico & mechanical soil, rock, concrete with synchronous and accurate equipments.

- Heavy maintenance workshop of vehicles and machineries with capacity of 450 pieces/year.

- Standard of 4-star Seagull hotel with 170 modern and furnished guest-rooms.

Business Range
  • Construction of irrigation, hydroelectric works, transportation roads, civil engineering & industrial works,

  • Exploiting, transporting construction materials,

  • Laboratory testing on concrete mechanical durability services,

  • Heavy maintainance vehicles & construction machineries,

  • Producing, Restoring mechanical spare parts.

  • Producing mechanical products.

  • Business of Hotels, Restaurants, Wines, Cigarettes, Massage services,

  • Travel Centre and other tourist Services,

  • Agent of alcohol drinking & beer, beverages,

  • Foreign Exchange services,

  • Business of art & handcraft goods,

  • Organizing the events, seminars, meetings; adverting services,

  • Agent of airplane, train tickets sevices,

  • Oversea study consultant services,

  • Services of transportation of travellers, passengers under contract,

  • Cars rental services,

  • Services of recreations, sports & games on the sea,

  • Labours Export services,

  • Vocational training activity,

  • Real-estate for rent & business,

  • Construction of treatment grouting for foundation & body structure works.


Progress of Development of CC47

     Former Organization of Construction Joint Stock Company (CC47) was the Hydraulic Construction Company No.7 founded in September 8 th, 1975 on the basis of a Contruction Unit of Zone No V (By the dicision No. 888/QĐ/TCCB of the Ministry of irrigation ) with its task to build irrigation works for serving Agricultural production and the livelihood of the people in central coastal and central highlands provinces of Viet Nam.

Well water purification system

The TBM 390E has successfully performed the first meters of boring

Construction Joint stock company 47 reached the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam

Operation successful tunnel boring machine tbm 390e Servicing da nhim hydropower plant expansion project

The Joint-venture CC47and ROBBIN USA implemented to drill 200m long of the tunnel thanks to TBM technology - Thuong Kon tum Hydropower Project after 2 years suspension (photo 06.30.2016); Shift rails in the next position; Rock face after drilling


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