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List of equipments
Soil Laboratory:
No. Name of equipments Description
1  Model  WG-1B three-sample moulds  Molding pressure up to 1600 KPa
2  Soil shear, 2 speeds mode,  Model EDJ-1.  Electrical cut speed 0,8 or 2,4 mm/minutes
3  Model ZC-2 Compaction Proctor moulds  Proctor matrix d=152mm V = 2177cm3; tamper 4,5 kg, stroke dropping free height 450mm.
4  Testing shaker for grain composition  Agitating speed 2000 rs/min.
5  Casagrande model S171 apparatus   Define liquid limit of soil  
6  Permeability Tester  Seepage testing box by braze ;dimension dxh = 61.8x40 mm
Testing devices for Concrete and Material:
No. Name of equipments Description
1  Model MH-II Tumbling grinder Setup cycle by figures, rotatory speed 30-33 rs/m.
2  Model WZS-100 Concrete Bending Tester  Power ranges 0 – 50KN & 0 -100KN.
3  JYE 2000 compression tester  Concrete press with 2 power ranges  800KN & 2000KN, accuracy of 2%. Distance 2 press plates 330 mm , dim. of press face  320 mm x 320 mm.
4  Model HS-4 Concrete permeability Tester  Concrete Seepage Tester with 6 samples 150x150mm
5  Model ZT-1x1 Sample Shaker Apparatus  Sample Shaker Apparatus, dim. of apparatus surface 1000 x 1000 mm. Vibration amplitude 0,5mm, shaking frequency 3000rs/m.
6  Pressure Mixer 150 liters  Capacity of bucket 120-140 liters . Mix sample as           90 liters.
7  Model JJ-5 Mortar  Mixer  Electronic control. Cycle : fast 285 rs/m and slow  140 rs/m. Orbit : fast 125 rs/m and slow  62 rs/m.
8  ZS-15 Jolting Machine  Jolting frequency 60  circles/second
9  Vicat apparatus  Vicat unit define duration of concrete setting.
10  NJ-160 Motor Mortar Mixer  Cycle : fast 285 rs/m and slow 140 rs/m. Orbit : fast 125 rs/m and slow 62 rs/m.
Well water purification system

The TBM 390E has successfully performed the first meters of boring

Construction Joint stock company 47 reached the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam

Operation successful tunnel boring machine tbm 390e Servicing da nhim hydropower plant expansion project

The Joint-venture CC47and ROBBIN USA implemented to drill 200m long of the tunnel thanks to TBM technology - Thuong Kon tum Hydropower Project after 2 years suspension (photo 06.30.2016); Shift rails in the next position; Rock face after drilling


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